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    "You actually did send an A dog meme, but I’m with people right now. Text: "yeah"Translation: "You drain me more than an emotionally clingy vampire in a teen romance franchise."I don’t actually agree with you but I also don’t have the energy to keep responding to your paragraphs of texts about how your boss asked you to work an hour later than normal. It is a beautiful, meaningful umbrella of an acronym, appropriate for shocking work gossip, gloriously shady tweets, and when you Snap me a requested pic of your gray sweatpants bulge. But I want you to know that you did a great job — my friend asked me why I cracked a smile while she was in the middle of venting about her roommate. In the time you’ve written me a mini-novella, I went to the gym and meal-prepped my whole week, so a “yeah I feel that” is all you get. "Translation: "You have no idea how wrong you are and it's kind of incredible."You’re in the middle of mansplaining Hillary’s loss to me again and you just said misogyny wasn’t a real factor. ” may sound like I am eager to hear your opinion when, in fact, I can probably guess what you’re about to say and I’m about to school you on some sexism. And eventually ask you to "chill at their place." Basically, texting is the worst and no one should ever do it, but since everyone does, here are a few of the vaguest, all-too-familiar texts every woman has definitely sent a guy who is just not getting it.Text: "lmaoooo"Translation: "I genuinely liked this and want you to not mistake this for an 'lol'! I’m not sure why you did or how you even feel about it yourself, so I will go with the very safe “wow! Unless it was meant for a different girl all along, in which case, BYE.Let’s be thankful we live in the 21st century because texting is the .Texting gives you the flexibility to send a message any time and to proofread your words before you send them.

    Believe it or not, adding 🙂 at the end of a text has the same effect of a real life smile.When you text a girl, your main purpose should be to schedule a date.If you text her just to ask what’s up, she’s not necessarily going to realize you’re interested.If your goal isn’t to turn her on, but to get out of the “friend zone” (let’s say she’s a friend or coworker), there are things you can say with texts to make her think you might be more than just a friend. Teasing her a little shows that you’re confident in yourself and can help build attraction between the two of you. This can make her laugh, open up to you, and make her feel comfortable around you. ” This type of message makes you stand out from and makes her think that you consider her a “troublemaker.”When you decide to ask her on a date, describe how much fun you’ll be having. ” you could send a message like “How does an amazing Thai restaurant followed by drinks on the beach sound this Saturday?”Just as saying the right thing can seal the deal, saying the wrong thing can be a deal breaker.

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