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    None of the students liked her cause she was a very mean principle. The series embraces the complications of being single in L.

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    That way, they’ll laugh if they find it funny, or just stare at you blankly if it’s not funny (because Germans won’t forcefully laugh at your jokes if they’re not funny just to be nice).

    Germans are very unromantic I know a German guy (and don’t ask how I know) who says that he’s a really nice guy because he’s always honest to every girl he meets.

    After living in Germany for a few months now, here’s my observations on the most popular German stereotypes. Of course when you do run late, they’ll tell you it’s fine, but underneath their happy, smiling exterior, you can totally sense their disappointment. In the land of punctuality, for some reason the Deutsche Bahn is never fully reliable.

    I was in Berlin for a month and I can’t even remember it…that’s how epic it was!!! ), some I do find hilariously true to a certain extent. What I find amusing is how some Germans will search up schedules on the Deutsche Bahn website, so it’s not even, “Hey, let’s meet at around 5,” but rather, “Hey, let’s meet at exactly 17.27.” And when they say 17.27, you better be there at 17.27.

    And while most Germans will blame Bavarians for all their stereotypes, being a Canadian living in Germany, I can’t help but notice some of these stereotypes on a day to day basis (I live in Baden-Württemberg).

    Of course, all of this rarely happens in Germany, and I have to admit – I still have more fingers than German friends in Mannheim and I’ve lived here for way more than a week. Germans are reserved Unlike home, where it’s common to become “instant best friends” with someone, Germans tend to need some time before they open up to you and include you in their “circle.” What I find surprising is how Germans always keep their doors closed in student residences, and despite studying and living in another city, a lot of them go home almost every weekend.

    But does this mean they’re “cold” just because they’re not as open as other countries? Some of my friends say that they know people who go home every weekend!

    Germany is the country of insurance companies I’ve never heard of this stereotype until I moved to Germany, but when I did move, one of the first things I’ve noticed was this word “Versicherung.” And it would be everywhere – elegantly written across large fancy buildings, to every other commercial on TV with cute puppies and flowers mentioning this word “Versicherung.” I thought it must have been something exciting, mystical and very European, until I found out that it meant insurance.

    Germans are cold Ironically, the first time I’ve met a bunch of Germans was when I backpacked across Australia.

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      If caught driving after the curfew, you can be ticketed or have your license suspended.

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